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the line of our parents holidays (part 1-Pisa)

On a rainy day of ... no, it was another history:
I had my first encounter whith this line when I was a tiny boy ... The line was closed the year before my birth, but my parents used to stay all the month of june at sea, and they used to stay at Marina di Pisa, the nearest place to Firenze, where we lived (and they still live there, althought they no longer use to go to Marina).
They took me to play in the former station every afternoon, where I used to play whith the switches ... I have also a picture, I will post it if many people would require it.

I used to stay there until 1966, and I remember the station was clean, althought the signals were not intact.
I come there again one day in 1983 and discovered that trees had grown in the station, and along all the line. I got some pictures and moved away.
Marina di Pisa station from track sideOf course one come always again on the place of delict, so it occurred me to marry a woman living just a few km from this railway.

I had this way often the chance to wander around, and if my possibilities to go on farther places have been greatly decreased (she does NOT like railways), those to stay in her area have been increased, so excuse me if I am putting too many pictures on these pages ...

The railway I am talking about was opened at two times, in 1888 and in 1932, and was closed in 1958.

It is very interesting for the way it operated, and for some peculiar characteristics.
Just to say a few it crossed the FS line three times, but had only one junction on a different place and it had a movable bridge on the Navicelli Canal, the only one railway line in Italy whith this charachteristic. Also it was the only HV line to operate in the median of a road inside the city of Livorno.

Arrival at pisa throyght the walls, still standing a signalI have split this article in five parts, to simplify reading:

Go ahead: Station and deposit at Pisa

Former (1932) station of the electric railway to Tirrenia, now bus station
the current bus station, formerly the station of the electric railway to Marina-Livorno

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