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This is the first proposal for developing a integrated service of delivery of informations on public transport services' (railway, ferries, bus, plane) schedules via internet.

Currently only a few providers have their own pages, http or telnet to let public read their offers. Only a few such SBB and DB have the complete on line schedules for all their services, with more or less comprehensive coverage of other provider's services.

Other have put on line only a subset of their services, most have no other means of communication (if they have) with the public than wall tables and telephone - often only for a few hours a day or restricted from some areas. Many sites on a volunteer base have been built, mostly for railways, sometimes, as in the case of AMTRAK or AMT, with an official support from the provider of the transport service.

Also for these sites the same problems occours: some have only a subset of the services available, other have the problem of poor update or bad proofing (but these problems, even if in a lesser extents, affect even the official sites and of course for printed schedules)

There is even the great problem to find the information, sometimes if no better information are available, the knowledge of the carrier and their phone number can help in planning travels, for business or leisure.
Thus the IETP will support also a simple directory of carriers, if better help cannot be given.

This manifest is aimed to everyone, be they of a transport company, or involved in social communication, single enthusiasts or programmers. Obviously also end-users are welcome since they are the one that can tell us what are their needs, The project have not to be a case study, but a real project.

How can you partecipate? Are you a technician or a user ... for technicians:

Not a technician, but a professional in the field ? Otherwise ...

You do not fall in any of these cathegories ?
You can help in a lot of ways: First of all you can send in your ideas, suggestion, requests, etc.
The second very important work you can do is to send in , if pollible in a electonically format, but otherwise even on paper, the list of services and timetable in your area
The third way is simply e-mailing to the renponsable for an area the informations on changes you can know about, so he/she could update the on-line services
We wish to contact all people that wish to be involved in this project.
We want only your willingness to set up this system.

Those interested please e-mail to:
telling what kind of contribute they can do (experience, databases, programmer's skill, systyem analysis, user interface, network experts, dissatisfied users, volunteers for entering data for that areas where electronically accessible schedules are not available, volunteers for proofing data, people that will do nothing more than notify a change they read on a bill ... etc. )

A discussion list have been set-up , to subscribe send a e-mail to above address requiring to be added - anyway you can always unsubscribe yourself :-(( (you will receive the istructions)

After my experiences i put a page with all MY observations and comments .

Please read It and reply. If you want to post the answer to the list you can do at
remember that this file is a good point of start for discussion.
You can get all the previous messages sent to the list on monthly digests

I have here the experience in helding the Italian Transport page, with full schedules of Railways and some bus and ferry lines or a mirror with a different user interface (please comment on both ones) You can watch to this page or one or more of one of other timetables pages on the web

The program I use is available to people interested in the project.
It has currently compiled and is running under WinNT and LINUX without modifications (ANSI C - CGI interface)

Leonardo Boselli
Dipartimento Ingegneria Civile - Università di Firenze


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